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In the early 1990's, Vortech performed exhaustive studies on air-to-air charge cooling for use with centrifugal superchargers. The approach seemed attractive given the simplicity and straight-forward application. In each test case study, however, a net loss in boost pressure and horsepower resulted. Since horsepower is strongly dependent on charge-air density, and density in turn is related to both temperature and pressure, Vortech quickly learned that obtaining good thermal performance from a charge cooler is only half of the challenge. Indeed, the problem with air-to-air cooling was found to be the significant pressure losses associated with long duct runs needed to get the charge air to and from the heat exchanger, which is usually placed up-front ahead of the radiator. In addition, the air-to-air heat exchanger design incorporated rather lengthy, restrictive passageways which only compounded the problem. Vortech shelved the idea temporarily and instead focused development efforts on supercharger efficiency, which yields the double benefit of delivering cooler charge air to begin with and a reduction in required drive horsepower, given any specific flow/pressure operating point. As higher compression engines and increased boost levels became more prevalent, Vortech renewed development efforts on high-performance charge cooling systems.

Realizing that boost loss was just as important as thermal performance, Vortech turned to an air-to-water type system. This type of system clearly proved it's worth. Thermal performance was excellent and it exhibited insignificant frictional (boost) losses which means that for any specific manifold pressure, supercharger drive power would be minimized - a win-win situation. Further, the system would, under most conditions, out-perform an air-to-air system.

Today, what Vortech started years ago is becoming the technology of choice within the OE Automotive industry - liquid-air charge cooling can now be seen on some of the most advanced powertrains of Mercedes Benz (Maybach), Ford (SVT/Harley Davidson F150, 2003 Cobra, et al.), and Jaguar for boosted applications.

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Snow Performance Boost Cooler


Vortech's Maxflow Power Cooler is the aftermarket's first street/strip, air-to-water charge cooler system. It utilizes a closed-loop water circulation system with a front mounted head exchanger that allows for effective street operation. Power gains up to 100 horsepower are possible depending on the application, engine, and boost level. This system provides cooler, denser air charges (discharge temperature decrease is approximately 100 F @ 10 PSIG), allowing more timing with less fuel required. (Greater air discharge temperature reductions are possible with higher boost levels and/or the use of ice chilled water in the reservoir).

Each system features our exclusive dual pass, high-flow, air-to-water-to-air cooler unit. The front mounted heat exchanger (cooler radiator) uses a low-restriction plate/fin design and is manufactured from high-grade aluminum. The water reservoir is roto-molded of high-strength plastic polymers for durability. It features an easy fill, wide mouth design for the use of water, ice or a combination of both. Also included is a heavy-duty water pump, mounting brackets, hoses and hardware.

Please note, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the product you order. So please click the part number and educate yourself to the specific product needed. If you need assistance, please go here. Battery relocation is required on all Mustang® Charger Cooler Upgrades and is sold separately below.


Vortech Supercharger Cooling Systems - Mustang®
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase
  Battery Relocation Kit
Required for all systems below
VO-8N301-030 1996-2004 Mustang® 4.6 2V GT Vortech Supercharger Cooling System Satin
Fits factory Intake!


VO-8N301-038 1996-2004 Mustang® 4.6 2V GT Vortech Supercharger Cooling System Polished
Fits factory Intake!


VO-8N301-060 1996-2004 Mustang® 4.6 2V GT Vortech Supercharger Cooling System Satin
Fits SVO/Bullit Intake!


VO-8N301-068 1996-2004 Mustang® 4.6 2V GT Vortech Supercharger Cooling System Polished
Fits SVO/Bullit Intake!


VO-8N301-040 1996-1998 Mustang® 4.6 4V Cobra Vortech Supercharger Cooling System Satin
Fits SVO/Bullit Intake!


VO-8N301-048 1996-1998 Mustang® 4.6 4V Cobra Vortech Supercharger Cooling System Polished
Fits SVO/Bullit Intake



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