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Complete Hydraulic Conversion Kit with External Slave

This comprehensive kit includes everything to change your car over to a full hydraulic clutch conversion on your T5 or TKO using an OE late model T5 cast aluminum bellhousing. The light pedal feel and improved slave throw on this kit is an improvement beyond all others on the market. The slave has a full 1 1/4" throw which allows for superior clutch disengagement, while centering the pedal pushrod on the hydraulic master eliminates premature wear and extends the life of the clutch master cylinder. Wilwood master cylinder ensures the quality you would expect. Manufacturer's warranty applies on all cylinders. Kit includes, LF Series Master,a steel braided line of appropriate length to connect to the slave, and the slave cylinder with bracketing and hardware.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a scattershield including Lakewood or Mcleod, you cannot use this kit. We do have slave kits however for most Quicktime bellhousings (big block excluded). So you would have to purchase the Clutch Master Kit separately below, then the slave for your Quicktime bellhousing. The only thing required at that point would be the lines.

1979-1993 Hydraulic Master/Slave kits for T5 Transmissions
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1979-1993 Mustang LF Series Hydraulic Conversion Kit for T5 Cast Bellhousing
Complete kit includes the clutch master kit and external slave kit and line.

Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit (at the pedal - only)
Light Pedal Feel
Works with internal and external slaves. Modern Driveline's Light Foot series Hydraulic clutch master cylinder kit fits the 1979-93 Mustang/Capri Fox platform.  

The master cylinder replaces the stock clutch cable and quadrant while using the stock clutch pedal and cable hole.  
The kit has been engineered using the latest CAD modeling to provide the best pedal effort curve for a controlled clutch feel and improved driving experience.  

No longer will you have to worry about clutch cable clearance with long tube headers or heavy duty clutches that cause the cable to fail.  Our Fox clutch hydraulic system is the correct solution for many different conversion problems.  

Be sure to match the master cylinder to one of many external and internal hydraulic clutch slave cylinder kits (Most common are shown above). 


Part # Description Price Qty Purchase


1979-1993 Mustang LF Series Type II Hydraulic Master Kit

Complete Hydraulic Slave Kits(slave only)
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase


Hydraulic External Slave Kit T5/TKO 3/4" Bore - Stock Cast Alum T5 Bellhousing Only



Hydraulic Slave Kit T5 3/4" Bore - Quicktime Bellhousing SBF with standard 85-93 clutch fork



Hydraulic Slave Kit TKO 3/4" Bore -  Quicktime Bellhousing SBF - with standard 85-93 clutch fork

Hydraulic Throw-Out Kit
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase


Tilton 6000 Series Adjustable Hydraulic Throwout Kit, Bearing, Tremec TKO
24" extension line MD-514-139100-24 below required for use with LF Series Master Kits above



Tilton 6000 Series Adjustable Hydraulic Throwout Kit, Bearing, Ford T5
24" extension line MD-514-139100-24 below required for use with LF Series Master Kits above



24" AN4 Braided Extension Line



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