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C4 Street Smart Package
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Performance Automatic Street Smart  C4 Trans Package Rated @ 750 hp

• C4 289-351 SBF C4 Trans Rated @ 750 hp Case Fill
• ProFit Bellhousing
• 11 inch Street Smart Performance Converter with or without lock-up feature
• Locking Filler Tube and Dipstick

C6 Street Smart Package - Super Streeter C6 transmission, an 11” Street Smart Converter, dipstick and filler tube, PLUS a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The SBF kit also includes a block plate. All of our components are matched to your specific engine model to make for an easy installation. C6 Street Smart Packages are the perfect selection for those looking for a C6 transmission in their Muscle Car, Street Rod or Pro Touring Machine.  
Part # Description Price




Performance Automatic Street Smart  C6 Trans Package Rated @ 550 hp

• C6 289-351 SBF C6 Trans Rated @ 550 hp
• 11 inch Street Smart Performance Converter non lock-up
• Filler Tube and Dipstick

AOD Street Smart Package
Part # Description Price




Performance Automatic Street Smart  AOD Trans Package Rated @ 450 hp

• AOD 289-351 SBF 450hp Rated Street Smart Transmission (30% Overdrive)
• 12 inch Street Smart Performance Converter with or without lock-up feature
• Locking Filler Tube and Dipstick
• Lokar Throttle Pressure Cable
• 2.4 1st gear (2.84 optional)
• Easily replaces C4 Transmissions

• No computer hook-ups!
• Guaranteed Forever!

5R55 Super Streeter Packages 5 Speed Automatic
Starting in 2005, Mustangs came equipped with the 5R55S transmission. Fully computerized, with five
speeds and a compact one piece design, this transmission has proven to be a tough little unit.

Performance Automatic has stepped it up a notch with some high performance tricks that make it even better.

High performance clutches and bands along with several hydraulic circuit modifications make the 5R55 a blast to drive.

Thanks to Performance Automatic's Pro Fit bellhousing system, anyone can bolt in this transmission behind an early pushrod 5.0! Great for street rods with limited space or retrofitting an early 5.0 into the 2005 and up chassis. Check out what Performance Automatic is offering this year.

Performance Automatic, the leader in Ford performance transmissions.

A refundable $600 core charge is added to all orders. After placing your order, you will be contacted in reference to the return of your usable core.

Part # Description Price



5R55 Super Streeter Transmission w/4.6 Bellhousing


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