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Increase your horsepower by 35-55% with a new Paxton Supercharger!
We will meet or beat any competitor's verifiable price!

1985-1993 Mustang® Paxton Supercharger Systems


Snow Performance Boost Cooler

1997-1998 Mustang® Cobra

STANDARD THREE YEAR WARRANTY!!! Click here to learn more
A new standard for Paxton superchargers at no additional cost to you!

All kits below are listed in Satin Finish. If you prefer a polished version, select the polished upgrade option below.

When you're looking for the ultimate in high performance, reliability and quiet operation from a centrifugal supercharger, look no further than Paxton Automotive NOVI line. Click here to learn more about Superchargers.  All five NOVI superchargers are based on Paxton Automotive race-proven gear case, which features billet steel, helical-cut gears (3.54:1 step-up ratio), aerospace-quality high-speed bearings and direct engine oiling. Some of the fastest race cars in the world use Paxton Automotive NOVI superchargers-a testament to the NOVI's unsurpassed performance in the most demanding situations. Choose a model below.  The full Paxton line of superchargers are available in the application specific kits on the order table below.  Otherwise, they are available in the separate links below (highlighted in red) without the drive pulley for custom applications.  Testimonials  Mustang Depot is a fully licensed dealer with access to other makes and models not shown below.  Fully Polished Version Up-Charge $300.00 at bottom of order table for all models not listed as polished.  If you don't see a listing for your car, call us for price and availability 702-262-0011.

Part # Description Price Qty Purchase
1986-1993 Mustang® 302 NOVI 1220 Supercharger Kit  - Satin Finish
install instructions

1986-1993 Mustang® 302 NOVI 1220 Supercharger Kit  - Polished Finish
install instructions

1986-1993 Mustang® 302 NOVI 1220 Self Lubricating Supercharger Kit - Satin Finish
install instructions

1986-1993 Mustang® 302 NOVI 1220 Self Lubricating Supercharger Kit - Polished Finish
install instructions

1986-1993 Mustang® 302 NOVI 2000 Supercharger Kit - Satin Finish
install instructions

1986-1993 Mustang® 302 NOVI 2000 Supercharger Kit - Polished Finish  
install instructions


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1979-1993 Mustang®

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