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Front Side and Back Side Settings
Settings Illustration
Front side is the distance from the front edge of the wheel back to where it contacts the hub (or drum). Back side or backspace is the distance from the back edge of the wheel in to where the wheel contacts the hub (or drum). These two dimensions added together will be approximately 1" wider than the designated wheel width. Wheel width is measured at the tire bead seat and does not include the flanges where balance weights clip on.
Figuring the Offsets
The best way to figure out what front and back side settings to order for your car, is to follow these steps:
  1. Install a mock up wheel and tire on the vehicle.
  2. Analyze and measure how much you would like the tire to move out or back on the front side of the tire and write down the dimension.
  3. Measure how much you would like to change the backside of the tire position. Write down that dimension.
  4. Remove the wheel and tire from the vehicle.
  5. Measure the front side setting of the mock up and add it to the change you earlier recorded.
  6. Measure the back side setting (rim edge) of the mock up and add or subtract that dimension to the change you wanted. These final dimensions will tell you what front side and back side settings you will want on your new wheels.
A straight edge on the brake/hub face can also be used to measure clearances in the wheel house to give approximate front and back side dimensions. Don't forget tire bulge and tire-to-fender clearance. Contact Mustang Depot if you have further questions – 702-262-0011.


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