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Ford had a tough little transmission with the C4 when it debuted in 1965. Performance Automatic took over from there and turned this compact 3-speed into a unit that could withstand 1000 horsepower! Whether behind a 4-cylinder turbo or a 428 Renegade motor, Performance Automatic has the expertise and the parts to build the industry's best. Performance Automatic builds the best transmissions with the best warranties in the business! Click here for ProFit bellhousings. and Converters


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C4 Transmissions "Trans Only"
Part # Description Price




Performance Automatic Super Streeter C4 Trans Rated @ 450 hp Case Fill


Performance Automatic Super Streeter C4 Trans Rated @ 450 hp Pan Fill


Performance Automatic Competition C4 Trans Rated @ 750 hp Case Fill


Performance Automatic Competition C4 Trans Rated @ 750 hp Pan Fill


Performance Automatic Super Comp C4 Trans Rated @ 1000 hp Pan Fill


Performance Automatic Super Comp C4 Trans Rated @ 1000 hp Case Fill - with Reverse Manual Transbrake Valve Body


Performance Automatic Super Comp C4 Trans Rated @ 1000 hp Case Fill


Performance Automatic Super Comp C4 Trans Rated @ 1000 hp Pan Fill  - with Reverse Manual Transbrake Valve Body


Performance Automatic Pro Street C4 Trans Rated @ 750 hp

AOD Transmissions "Trans Only" First offered in full sized Ford cars and trucks in 1989, this trans quickly found its way into the ever popular 5.0 mustang in 1984. Plagued with soft shifts and poor reliability, the AOD was not originally designed with performance in mind. Performance Automatic recognized the future potential of this transmission and quickly went about re-designing the hydraulic circuits. What emerged was a transmission that could handle more horsepower and torque than was originally thought. Performance Automatic combined high performance Alto racing clutches and Kevlar bands to improve heat dissipation at the application points. The Performance Automatic re-designed clutch and band application ratios to provide firm, positive shift characteristics. Top these improvements off with a deep aluminum pan and you have an AOD that any Ford enthusiast would enjoy.
Part # Description Price




Performance Automatic Super Streeter AOD Trans Rated @ 450 hp


Performance Automatic Comp AOD Trans Rated @ 550 hp


Performance Automatic Super Comp AOD Trans Rated @ 700 hp

AODE Transmissions "Trans Only" Close cousin to the AOD, the AODE is an electronically controlled overdrive first seen in 1992. This unit has shown remarkable performance in the "Mod Motor" classes of NMRA and Fun Ford. Available in either a 2.4 or 2.8 to 1 first gear ratio, Performance Automatic quickly sought to explore the possibilities of this unit. Using the knowledge gained from their AOD work, Performance Automatic developed a streetable transbrake valve body that has rocked the competition. This valve body, combined with other Performance Automatic exclusives, has delivered a unit unmatched in the industry. Innovator and leader, that's Performance Automatic.
Part # Description Price




Performance Automatic Super Streeter AODE/4R70W Trans Rated @ 500 hp


Performance Automatic Comp AODE/4R70W Trans Rated @ 650 hp


Performance Automatic Super Comp AODE/4R70W Trans Rated @ 800 hp

C6 Transmissions "Trans Only"Since 1966 the C6 transmission has withstood the test of time. A real workhorse, this unit is a one-piece design that is configured for small blocks, FE's and 429-460 engines. Performance Automatic has the ticket for these transmissions with superior clutches, bands and valve body circuits. We know Fords and we can make an awesome C6 for you!
Part # Description Price




Performance Automatic Super Streeter Small Block C6 Trans Rated @ 500 hp


Performance Automatic Super Streeter Big Block C6 Trans Rated @ 500 hp


Performance Automatic Super Streeter FE Big Block C6 Trans Rated @ 500 hp


Performance Automatic Comp Small Block C6 Trans Rated @ 800 hp


Performance Automatic Comp Big Block C6 Trans Rated @ 800 hp


Performance Automatic Comp FE Big Block C6 Trans Rated @ 800 hp


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