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1964-1970 Mustang Rear CoilOver Conversion - TCP Rear Pushrod Suspension


1964-70 Mustang & Cougars

Our Rear Coilover System is the most technologically advanced rear suspension system available for vintage Mustangs. We have put together elements from various racing series in a package that fits neatly into your vehicle with only minor modifications to the existing chassis. Quick access for maintenance was also taken into account during the design process. The entire rearend system can be removed from the vehicle in a matter of minutes. If you want razor sharp handling for your Mustang then this is the system for you.

Laydown Shock Design


As seen in Mustang & Fords magazine June 2008 article!

The positioning of the shocks is the most eye-catching feature of the system. Pushrods are used to actuate the shocks. Removing the shocks from the axle housing greatly reduces the amount of unsprung weight and allows the shocks to work more efficiently. Placing the shocks below the axle lowers the center of gravity to improve handling.

We have installation experience on this product. TCP Rear Coilover Article "The Low Down on the Laydowns." If you have any direct questions, please click here! Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery.

Adjustable Pushrod
The adjustable variable mount pushrod, along with the adjustable coilover, enables ride height adjustment of more than three inches.

Integrated Subframe Connectors
We have designed this kit to include these subframe connectors which brace the chassis even more. A quality built product with quality performance. 0.125" wall tubing with all TIG-welded construction for superior structural strength. Powder coated black for longevity and aesthetics. Shown with option driveshaft safety loop.

Watt's Link Pivot

The Watt's Link keeps the rear end perfectly centered for extremely predictable corner entry even under the most aggressive of driving styles. The assembly pivots on a single roller bearing for smooth, long lasting operation.

Torque Arm

The Torque Arm is integrated into the direct fit Fab9 housing and is anchored at our Subframe Kit 2T. It prevents the rear end from rotating during acceleration and braking, eliminating wheel hop. Pinion angle can also be adjusted with the ladder adjuster at the base of the housing.

Adjustable Trailing Arms
The primary job of trailing arms are to control the fore/aft positioning of the rear end housing in relation to the chassis and to direct force forward, into the chassis during acceleration. Trailing arm assemblies are mounted at the factory front leaf spring mount and attached to the rear end housing axle bracket in one of three available positions. Each position alters the specific point at which force, transferred through the suspension link, is directed into the chassis - commonly known as  the 'instant center'. The ability to move the instant center enables a useful tuning aid for acceleration and cornering characteristics.

Exceptional Quality
weld_alum.jpg (24936 bytes)
weld_tubes.jpg (31783 bytes)

Rocker AssemblyMany steps are taken to ensure a product of exceptional quality. Each steel joint is TIG welded for maximum weld penetration. All pivot points utilize precision roller bearings or Kevlar Injection Molded rod ends for maximum performance. Protective coatings are applied to all components for long lasting, weather proof operation and that top quality Total Control look. 

Easy Installation / Removal

Our unique mounting bracket system makes installation a snap. The unit is positioned using the forward leafspring bolts. Once the four brackets are welded in place the entire unit can be bolted in using eight easily accessed bolts. This bolt-in approach will even let you reinstall your original leaf spring suspension if you decide to transfer the unit to an alternate vehicle.

Hands down the best suspension system for your vintage Mustang!

Parts Included:

Rear Shock Frame, Trailing Arms, Adjustable VariShock Double Adjustable Coilovers, Watts Link, Rear Stuts, Shock Rockers & Torque Arm, Direct Fit Fab9 Rear Housing - All parts are powder coated black with the exception of the rear housing. This is left uncoated for customizing. Outer Subframes, Center Subframe Support and Drive Shaft Safety Loop are sold separately.

Exhaust Considerations

 Since over the axle exhaust would be next to impossible, we also offer through the torque box design side exhaust kits #50-2651 click here that are designed specifically to accommodate cars with this suspension system and others with subframe connectors. However torque box modification and rocker modification is required and side exhaust skirts are recommended but not required. Here's a picture installed with side exhaust skirts Click here for image. Here's a picture installed without side exhaust skirts Click here for image.

1964-1970 Mustang TCP Rear Pushrod Coilover Kit
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase

1964-1970 Mustang / Cougar TCP Rear Pushrod Cantilever Coilover Conversion - Double Adjustable VariShocks
Click here for addtional 9" Coilover Springs

Includes: Clip Weld Assembly, FAB9™ Housing, Torque Arm, Double Adjustable VariShock™ Coil-Overs, Springs, Rocker Assemblies, Trailing Arms, Watts Link Assembly, Subframe Connectors, and Connector Support (driveshaft loop sold separateoy). Recommended spring rate for the street is 275 to 310

Subframe connectors inner/outer
shown with optional driveshaft loop

Optional Items
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase

1964-1966 Mustang Currie Forged Axle Kit 31 Spline Torino Flange for 51.75" Housing
Kit includes two axles, assembled and complete with studs, bearings and seals ready to install.
Click here for Large Bearing Torino Flange rear disc brake Kits


1967-1970 Mustang Currie Forged Axle Kit 31 Spline Torino Flange for 53.75" Housing
Kit includes two axles, assembled and complete with studs, bearings and seals ready to install.
Click here for Large Bearing Torino Flange rear disc brake Kits


For a Custom 9" Currie Center Section Click Here

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 225#'s 48x36x22 Palletized

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