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Bilstein also has a long street use and racing history. This is the perfect shock for such an advanced coil over system for your Mustang and classic Ford. A quick benefits list of our coil over system compared to a conventional spring/shock arrangement would be:

  • Easy ride height adjustment. Our shocks feature a threaded sleeve, simply rotate the adjuster with the supplied wrench to raise, lower or cross weight the car. No cutting springs, no guessing.
  • 50% better motion ratio allows use of lighter springs and more shock motion for improved control.
  • Although we have chosen what we feel and have calculated to be a great combo, coil over springs can be had in 25-50lb increments which is a vast improvement over the conventional spring offerings.
  • We've designed our system to feature super easy spring/shock removal. The entire spring/shock assembly is held on by 1 bolt on the top and 1 bolt on the bottom. No spring compressors, no swearing.
  • Heim bearing shock ends further reduce bind found in stock setup. This transmits road forces directly to the spring & shock allowing it to do what its designed to do and get the tire back on the road quicker for more control and better handling. This can be compared to the benefits found in using roller spring perches on a conventional system. Other systems on the market that use rubber or polyurethane shock bushings will bind during regular suspension travel and when the strut rod is used to move the lower control arm to set caster.

Not satisfied with just picking an off the shelf shock that fits the space, we worked for a full year computing motion ratios, wheel rates, sprung and un-sprung weights, critical damping and a massive list of other variables to design our own proprietary Street, Sport and Race shock & spring combinations specific to the 65-73 Mustang and other vintage Fords. We do NOT use a standard 'off the shelf shock' that simply fits in the space and 'sort of feels right'. Each shock and spring package is designed based on the vehicles weight and intended use. Alongside the year of math, shock curves and shock dyno time we drove many, many street miles and 100's of laps on our favorite racetracks for a real world 'seat of the pants' validation of each combination from us and a selection of test customers.


The 3 shock valving & spring combinations available for our coil over system are:

We feel that this combination rides as close to a modern production car as you are likely to get from your classic. That was our goal and we feel we've met that. In fact even our shock tuning engineer was blown away at how nice our 1966 Mustang coupe test car drove down a bumpy, twisting Michigan road! Choose this system if you want a smooth yet responsive ride from your classic that you can drive for hours and hours without feeling beaten up. Due to the lighter spring rate used, this is also our recommended setup for dual purpose street or drag car.

We worked really hard on this package to design it for all those dual purpose street or open track cars out there. This package gives a smooth, crisp, controlled ride on the street but can also handle bouncing off the curbs and slick tires at the road course. Choose this system if you like carving around bends, on/off ramps and/or open tracking with NO need to switch shocks or click gimmicky knobs.

For our race setup, the shock gets switched for one with a Schrader valve to adjust/set nitrogen pressure. With a shock inflator gauge like #SOT-LON50473 (available below) and a tank of nitrogen from your local welding supply store, this enables the customer to change gas pressure beneath the dividing piston. Choose this option for a dedicated track car. Our hired 'butt dyno' driver lapped 3 seconds quicker in his 1965 coupe when compared to times using his highly modified conventional front suspension setup. The stop watch doesn't lie. This valving can also be built into a Bilstein shock without the Schrader valve should you not wish to have the option to tune gas pressure but still want the race setup.

All of the shocks used in our coil over system will give many, many years of service. When the time comes, the shocks are completely rebuildable/serviceable by us or any worldwide Bilstein rebuilder. You can rest assured that your investment in this system is one that you can easily maintain and enjoy for many years.

System includes:

  • Tubular .156 wall TIG welded upper control arms with replaceable adjustable length chromoly, kevlar/Teflon lined heim bearing pivots, 4140 chromoly cross shafts and easily replaceable Moog screw-in ball joints. Arms and ball joints are compatible installed in stock all the way down to 1-3/4" lower holes. 1" drop template included.
  • Tubular .156 wall TIG welded lower control arms with replaceable chromoly, kevlar/Teflon lined mono-ball inner pivots and easily replaceable Moog screw-in ball joints.
  • A pair of our Adjustable strut rods.
  • Your choice of Street, Sport or Race valved Bilstein shock absorbers and matched coil-over springs tailored to your year vehicle. Spring and shock assemblies comes pre-assembled complete with thrust bearings. Helper springs with guides are also supplied should the vehicle and spring rate require it.
  • Lower CNC machined billet shock mounting brackets.
  • Upper laser cut, TIG welded shock mounting brackets.
  • Upper CNC machined billet stock spring seat adapter rings - Installs over the stock spring seat negating its removal. No need to drill out the spot welds and hack up your car.
  • Laser cut engine bay cover plates - Covers the hole for a clean look in the top of the shock tower that the stock shock used to go through.
  • Hardware required to install the system.
  • Spanner wrench to adjust ride height.
  • Detailed instructions.


Now offered with Shaft mounted bump stop option below

SOT Tubular Adjustable Front Suspension Kit - NON Coilover Version - Uses original type coil springs, perches and shocks
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase


1964-1966 Mustang SOT Tubular Front End Conversion Kit

This system utilizes the original coil springs and perches or your can purchase high performance coils and perches separately
Includes Tubular Adjustable Upper Control Arms, Tubular Lower Control Arms & Tubular Adjustable Strut Rods
fits 64-65 Comet, 64-65 Cyclone, 60-65 Falcon, 65-66 Mustang, 64-65 Ranchero
Other items to consider: Spring Perches, Performance Coil Springs, Coil Spring Insulators Shocks


1967-1970 Mustang SOT Tubular Front End Conversion Kit

Includes Tubular Adjustable Upper Control Arms, Tubular Lower Control Arms & Tubular Adjustable Strut Rods
fits 66-77 Comet, 67-73 Cougar, 66-71 Cyclone, 66-71 Fairlane, 66-70 Falcon, 68-71 Montego, 67-73 Mustang, 66-71 Ranchero, 68-71 Torino
Other items to consider: Spring Perches, Performance Coil Springs, Shocks
SOT Coilover Conversion Kit
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase


300 psi digital gauge easily reads to .1 psi
  • EXCLUSIVE: Controlled flow inlet and bleed valves makes precision shock settings much easier
  • Specical chuck prevents pressure loss and inaccurate settings
  • Extra long hose makes filling shocks on car a snap
  • Fill and bleed quickly & accurately
  • Digital readout to 300 psi max - easier to read
  • Connect directly to nitrogen line - no air contamination
  • Digital gauge is more accurate all through the range than dial gauges
  • Silver carrying case included


1964-1966 Mustang SOT Coilover Conversion Kit
fits 64-65 Comet, 64-65 Cyclone, 60-65 Falcon, 65-66 Mustang, 64-65 Ranchero
Spindle is sold separately



1967-1973 Mustang/Cougar SOT Coilover Conversion Kit
fits 66-77 Comet, 67-73 Cougar, 66-71 Cyclone, 66-71 Fairlane, 66-70 Falcon, 68-71 Montego, 67-73 Mustang, 66-71 Ranchero, 68-71 Torino
Spindle is sold separately



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