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TCP Shock Tower Brace Kits

During cornering and braking your car's chassis has a tendency to flex a great deal, allowing unwanted changes in its overall handling performance. TCP's Shock Tower Brace kit is designed to help eliminate unwanted flex. A stiffer chassis provides sure and predictable handling during the most demanding of situations.

Shock tower plate and rods

Fender bracket - TB Kit 2TCP's tower brace kit incorporates lightweight aluminum rods, spherical rod ends and stainless steel hardware to create a top of the line bracing system like no other. Additional areas of triangulation are created to give maximum bracing that our competitors cannot offer. Sections of the kit can also be easily removed to gain access to the engine compartment for repairs and service.


  • Manufactured from strong, lightweight aluminum
  • Can be purchased as complete system or in stages


Model Year
Comet 1960-1965
Cougar 1967-1970
Cyclone 1960-1965
Falcon 1960-1965
Mustang 1965-1970
Ranchero 1960-1965

3 Stage Shock Tower Brace Kit

Part # Description Price Qty Purchase


1964-1970 Mustang TCP Tower Brace Kit 1



1964-1970 Mustang TCP Tower Brace Kit 2



1964-1970 Mustang, Falcon and Comet TCP Tower Brace Kit 3



1964-1970 Mustang TCP Tower Brace Kit Set 1,2 & 3



1960-1965 Falcon/Comet/Cyclone/Rachero TCP Tower Brace Kit 1



1960-1965 Falcon/Comet/Cyclone/Rachero TCP Tower Brace Kit 2



1960-1965 Falcon/Comet/Cyclone/Rachero TCP Tower Brace Kit Set 1,2 & 3


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