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1964-1970 Mustang MOD Panhard Rod Kit by MMI

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MOD Leaf Springs

One problem encountered as an early model Mustang executes a turn is that the body tends to move towards the outside of the corner, away from the rear axle housing. The leaf springs are actually flexing and twisting allowing the body to move out of alignment with the tires. The outcome is a moment of uncertainty, which is perceived by the driver as "sluggish turn-in". This behavior must not be confused with roll. Remember, roll and rate of roll are controlled by the springs, sway bars and shocks.

One method of controlling lateral flex is by installing a pan hard rod kit. This is a system that utilizes a bar with one end mounted to the axle housing and the other end mounted to the chassis. This allows the rear end to move up and down while limiting side-to-side movement. Keep in mind that whatever controls the lateral movement in the rear suspension also creates the roll center (the roll center is the point at which the vehicle rotates axially during body roll).

Note: The roll center in the rear is separate from the roll center located at the front of the vehicle.

By simply moving the roll center up and down, the spring rate can be manipulated during cornering. The lower the roll center the softer the spring rate appears, the higher the roll center the stiffer the spring rate appears. The vast majority of Panard Rod Kits currently available on the market can only be leveled. This merely allows you to neutralize the Panard rod kit.

The MMI Solution is finished off with our New Style Panhard Rod Kit. This all-new Panhard Rod is also fully adjustable. Both chassis mounting brackets are slotted to allow up to 4.5" of vertical movement. The chassis-mounting bracket is triangulated for maximum strength and attaches to the rear frame rails, ensuring a solid connection. The axle bracket mounts in place of the original spring plate for ease of installation. The Panard Rod comes with right and left hand threaded rod ends for quick adjustments. We finish it off with a satin black powder coat to ensure a long lasting professional finish.

A major part of tuning your vehicle is knowing what you are tuning and where to look for the differences while driving the vehicle. If you think you will notice a difference with the Panard Rod kit during straight-line Acceleration you may be disappointed. What the driver will notice is a difference during corner entry and exit. Corner entry is the precise moment at which a driver turns the steering wheel. At this initial stage of the turn the vehicle will feel more responsive to driver inputs. During corner exit as throttle is applied the driver will be able to pinpoint the vehicle's traction threshold. The result is a better understanding by the driver of what he or she and the vehicle are doing, and how much more throttle can be applied before the vehicle loses traction with the road surface.

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1964-1970 Mustang MOD Pan Hard Rod Kit Fully Adjustable Racing Version


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