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TCP Lower Control Arms

TCP's TrueCenter pivot socket, direct replacement, lower control arms improve suspension geometry by better controlling the balljoint travel arch. A one-piece spherical bearing (80% larger in diameter than our previous rod end), and high-strength polymer races, create a deflection free, low friction pivot point. Bearing preload is maintained with a threaded retaining ring and is secured by a locking set screw. A lubrication zerk fitting is easily accessed at the bottom of the housing. The 1-1/4" shank socket housing and 1-1/8 x .156" wall steel tubes meet at an overlapping robotic spray-arc welded joint. Balljoint and mid-plates made from 1/4" steel plate eliminate deflection at the spindle and anti-roll bar attachment points.
Premium quality, screw-in balljoints are used and can be replaced as necessary. Arms are shipped fully assembled and include grade 8 mounting hardware.

Model Year
Comet 1960-1967
Cougar 1967-1973
Cyclone 1964-1971
Fairlane 1966-1971
Falcon 1960-1970
Maverick 1970-1977
Montego 1968-1971
Mustang 1964-1973
Ranchero 1960-1971
Torino 1968-1971


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1965-1966 Mustang TCP Lower Control Arm Kit 



1967 Mustang TCP Lower Control Arm Kit 



1968-1973 Mustang TCP Lower Control Arm Kit 


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