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These are designed to help improve the strength of the upper shock towers for people who purchased TCP Coilover Suspension Systems prior to 01/01/04. As it turns out, under high stress, the potential exists for the carriage bolts to push through the aging metal of shock towers from the bottom. The possibility of hitting a large pothole, or the like, and pushing these carriage bolts through could cause you to loose control of your car. These are recommended for all customers who have TCP Coilovers in their vehicle. These are made out of 1/4" thick steel and will solve this problem without having to re-align your car. Paint or Powder coat to match your system...

When purchasing the complete kit, it includes zinc plated support rings, a spot weld removal bit and mounting hardware to replace the existing hardware. Each of the included items are part of our revised Coil-Over Kit and therefore it is not necessary to purchase this kit with new Coil-Over Kit orders.

  • The addition of the support ring does not alter the suspension geometry in any way and does not require the car to be realigned.

  • 1967 and later vehicles require the upper coil spring seat to be removed using a spot weld removal bit. This is supplied when purchasing the kit!
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1964-70 Mustang Shock Tower Support Kit for TCP Coilovers (supports, hardware and bit)


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