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        Lubricants, Silicones & Adhesives        

Lubricants, Silicones and Adhesives
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase
CRL-715 White Grease Lubricant This is a thick-bodied spray lubricant. Recommended for metal-to-metal moving parts. Clings to sprayed areas for lasting lubrication. Excellent for window regulators and hinges on doors, trunks, and hood.
16 oz Cans
Pro-61067 Rear View Mirror Adhesive .04 oz tube $5.99/ea
3M-8578 Strip Body Caulking
Used to seal openings in the car body. Non-hardening, waterproof and will not shrink. Ideal for seams, cracks and joints. Especially useful when hanging fenders and mounting fuel tanks for proper sealing. Supplied in a box of 60 one foot lengths. Black only.
3M-8011 Black Weatherstrip Adhesive
For installing EPDM rubber weatherstrip. Will not bond vinyl. Supplied in five ounce tubes. From 3M CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR
3M-8001 Yellow Weatherstrip Adhesive
For installing non-EPDM rubber weatherstrip. Will not bond vinyl. Supplied in five ounce tubes. From 3M CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR
3M-8008 Black Weatherstrip Adhesive
Super strong adhesive for installing non-EPDM rubber weatherstrip on trunks and doors. Blends well with black rubber Supplied in five ounce tubes. From 3M CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR
3M-8090 Super Trim Spray Adhesive
Very fast acting contact adhesive designed for two surface applications. Great for vinyl tops, headliners, insulation and padding. Supplied in a 24 oz aerosol can. From 3M. CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR

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