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Installation Instructions for
Front and Rear Shoulder Belt Conversions

Inst1.jpg (110445 bytes) Inst2.jpg (76917 bytes) Inst3.jpg (93459 bytes)
1 The front safety belt guide is mounted to a stud plate at the quarter trim panel and B-pillar.  The pillar must be drilled as shown to accommodate the stud plate.  Prime and paint your stud plates before installation.  We suggest satin black or body color.  We've drilled a pilot hole for the stud itself.  Then we marked the pillar for either sheet metal screws or rivets.  The stud hole is drilled three times - First with a 1/8" bit, then 1/2" to 9/16" inch.
Inst11.jpg (102151 bytes) Inst4.jpg (111685 bytes)Inst5.jpg (118797 bytes)

The stud plate is installed as shown.  Use a sealer where the plate contacts the pillar.  This prevents rust and keeps moisture out...

3   The fastener holes are drilled (use a 3/16" bit) through the stud plate.  You can use rivets provided or sheet metal screws with flat heads.


Inst10.jpg (141694 bytes)

Inst12.jpg (163131 bytes)

4   This phase presented a challenge for us.   We wanted our '67 Mustang Coupe to have easy rear access (yeah right). So we pushed the retractor location as close to the rear seat as possible.  We're drilling a half inch hole through the floorpan at the rear torque box.  Location choice is yours... 5   The retractor is secured to the floorpan with a 7/16" bolt and a large, flat washer underneath.  Install this guy with the head down and self locking nut up.  With the stud down, your Mustang's undercarriage will look unsightly.  We suggest painting the head and the washer flat black or with undercoating... 
Inst7.jpg (121515 bytes) Inst8.jpg (89325 bytes) Inst9.jpg (95067 bytes)
6   Installed, the retractor bracket should look like this.  Only the eyelet should show when the carpet is installed... 7   Torque the bolt until snug.  A self locking nut keeps things secure...


8   The retractor bolts to the eyelet as shown, with the back to the quarter trim panel.  Run the belt parallel with the quarter trim panel for smooth operation...
Inst13.jpg (151114 bytes) Inst14.jpg (185557 bytes) Inst20.jpg (169302 bytes)Inst21.jpg (122565 bytes)
9   The stud plate we installed earlier finds use at this time.  The belt guide is retained with a self locking nut.  The angle of the guide depends on you.  With the guide installed, we're ready for the cover, which clips in place. 10  With the belt anchored to the stock location (left hand down on the right), we have a working belt assembly...



11  Applications do vary, which can create problems for the installer.  Our '67 coupe is a bench seat car, which means we cannot use the belt protectors for the inboard receiver belts.  It also means the receiver belts are too short for the application.  This means drilling a bolt hole (A) closer to the seat.  The stock location (B) should be plugged.  The receiver belt is quite accessible this way...
Inst15.jpg (90817 bytes) Inst16.jpg (84346 bytes) Inst17.jpg (81116 bytes)Inst18.jpg (79471 bytes)
12  The 3-Point Safety Belt System from Mustang Depot fits nicely.




13  Rear seat three point belts have their retractors mounted on the package shelf, which actually looks cool.  This puts the mounting point where the nut plate fits perfectly.  Cleaning the rear window won't be as difficult either... 14  Begin the drilling process with a small 1/8" bit, then a 3/8" and finally a half inch or 9/16" bit...




Inst19.jpg (70233 bytes) Inst23.jpg (111829 bytes)Inst24.jpg (103310 bytes) Inst22.jpg (213635 bytes)
15  The rear seatbelt retractor attaches using this hardware: a 7/16" bolt and a nut plate.  The nut plate goes underneath the package shelf. 16  These retractors are mounted on an unpainted, uncovered package shelf.  But you get the idea-make sure your retractors sit flat on the shelf. 17  Like the front three point seatbelts, the rear seatbelts protect you better than ordinary lap belts...

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