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Part # Description Price Qty Purchase
C0DZ-6421232-B 1964-68 Mustang Door Hinge Repair Spring $1.25/ea
B9A-5943030-LG 1964-73 Mustang Door Hinge Pin 4" Cut to fit $2.50/ea
C3AZ-5422841-A 1964-73 Mustang Door Hinge Bushing 2 bushings per pin required $1.00/ea
379043-SMK 1964-65 Mustang Door Mounting Bolt Kit 6pc $3.99/kit
378428-S 1964-70 Mustang Striker Plate Screw Kit 4pc $2.99/kit
C5ZZ-6522286 1964-66 Mustang Access Hole Metal Plug $2.50/ea
356782-S 1964-68 Mustang Door Latch Screws 6pc $3.75/set
C0DB-3447 1964-68 Mustang Door Latch Reinforcement Kit 12pc $6.50/kit
C5ZZ-6528160/1A 1964-66 Mustang Door Latch Plate Repair Kit $19.99/kit
C7ZZ-6528160/1A 1967-68 Mustang Door Latch Plate Repair Kit  trim for 69-70 $19.99/kit
C0AB-6423240-B 1964-66 Mustang Window Roller & Clip $1.00/ea
C9ZZ-6523258-B 1969-70 Mustang Window Grommet protects door glass when attaching window channel $1.50/ea
C9ZZ-6323266 1969-70 Mustang Window Guide Bushing $1.50/ea
C9ZZ-6521496 1969-70 Mustang Window Guide $2.50/ea
351603-S 1964-66 Mustang Vent Seal Edge Rivets 10pc $2.00/set
C3AZ-6221952-BR 1965-66 Mustang Door Latch Rod Retainers $4.99/ea
C4SZ-6321801-C 1965-66 Mustang Door Latch Retainer Bushing 4pc $4.99/kit
353745-S 1965-66 Window Regulator Retainer Clip 2pc $1.50/set
C5AZ-6222023-A 1967-73 Mustang Door Lock Cylinder Retainer Clip $1.99/ea
380552-K 1964-68 Mustang Door Panel Clip Kit Standard ~ Enough for both doors $9.99/kit
375553-K 1965-73 Mustang Door Panel Clip Kit Pony ~ Enough for both doors $10.99/kit
357550-S 1964-early 65 Mustang Door Handle Spring Clip $.30/ea
C1AB-6220807-A 1964-68 Mustang Weather Strip Fastener 4pc $2.00/set
379259-S 1965-66 Mustang Inside Door Handle & Window Crank Screws 4pc $4.00/set
381571-S 1967-70 Mustang Inside Door Handle & Window Crank Screws 4pc $1.99/set
C8AZ-6223362-A 1968-73 Mustang Window Crank Handle Cover Plate $1.25/ea
B7A-7022624-A 1964-67 Mustang Door Handle & Crank Spring $1.25/ea
376290-SK 1964-68 Mustang Door Sill Scuff Plate Screw Kit 18pc $4.50/ea
32930-SK 1964-66 Mustang Arm Rest Pad to Base Screw Kit 4pc $1.20/ea
377905-S 1964-66 Mustang Arm Rest Base to Door Panel Screw Kit 4pc $2.50/ea
52718-S 1964-68 Mustang Door/Quarter Seal Screws 22pc $2.50/ea
C7ZN-3301 1967-68 Mustang Door Grill Mounting Kit 24pc $12.99/ea

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