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  • 1964-65 Warning Light Cars
    Originally on 1964 and 1965 cars with warning lights, fog lamps weren't available.  Subsequently, these wiring harnesses are not set up for factory fog lamps.  These cars require (C5ZZ-15223-FUD fog lamp wiring conversion kit and C6ZZ-15A214-A fog lamp switch)
  • 1965 GT and Pony Interior Cars
    Late 1965 cars equipted with GT or Pony interior options already have most fog lamp wiring built into the headlamp and under dash harnesses.  These cars will only need (C5ZZ-15A214-A fog lamp switch and C5ZZ-15223-CB circuit breaker) for installation.
  • 1966-67 non GT Cars
    All 1966 and 1967 non GT cars require (C6ZZ-15223-FUD fog lamp wiring conversion kit and C6ZZ-15A214-A fog lamp switch) for proper installation.

Fog Lamp Wiring Conversion - This is everything you need to hook up your fog lamps.  Kit includes fog lamp under dash harness, circuit breaker, primary lead, fog lamp feed wire, two ground wires, two radiator support grommets, wiring diagram and installation instructions.

Fog Lamp Ground - All black wire which plugs into fog lamp pigtail and grounds to radiator support.

Fog Lamp Feed - Hot wire from fog lamp under dash harness to fog lamp housing pigtail.  Connects left and right fog lamp.  1965 GT cars originally had this feed wrapped into the headlamp harness.

Fog Lamp Pigtails - Pigtail wires which connect to bulb and run through housings and plug into fog lamp feed.  Not necessary if purchasing fog lamp housings as pigtails are included.

Fog Lamp Circuit Breaker - Mounts under dash, controls voltage for wire protection.  Includes primary wire which connects to Headlamp Switch Plug.  Instructions included.

Click on part numbers for pictures. 

Part # Description Price Qty Purchase
C5ZZ-15223-FUD 1964-65 Mustang Fog Lamp Wiring Conversion Instrument warning lamp cars $49.99/kit
C6ZZ-15223-FUD 1966-67 Mustang Fog Lamp Wiring All non GT cars $49.99/ea
C5ZZ-15223-GR 1965-68 Mustang Fog Lamp Ground Leads $6.99/ea
C5ZZ-15223-FF 1965 Mustang Fog Lamp Feed Instrument warning lamp cars $22.99/ea
C6ZZ-15223-FF 1966-67 Mustang Fog Lamp Feed GT & non GT cars $22.99/ea
C5ZZ-15223-FGPT 1965-68 Mustang Fog Lamp Pigtail $11.99/ea
C5ZZ-15223-CB 1965-68 Mustang Fog Lamp Circuit Breaker $11.99/ea

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