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Racing Fuel Cells / Tanks

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Why Fuel Safe is the #1 Choice of Champions.
From Baja to the Brickyard, Laguna Seca to Le Mans and Suzuka to Silverstone, Fuel Safe has fueled countless victories and championships over the years. Fuel Safe products provide superior quality and workmanship that exceed racers demanding expectations and sanctioning safety specifications. From top professional teams to amateur weekend racers Fuel Safe has become the leading choice of racers around the world. Fuel Safe has earned the reputation for providing the ultimate level of performance, reliability and of course SAFETY.

For over 25 years Fuel Safe has manufactured fuel bladders and fuel accessories for any and every form of racing. Our fuel bladders are approved for use in all forms of motorsport racing, from NHRA to NASCAR. Our complete line of fuel bladders, fuel cells and racing accessories offer the most comprehensive inventory of high performance fuel oriented products on the market today. Our top of the line “Pro Cell” racing bladders are the most durable fuel cells available. They are constructed with only the finest materials, craftsmanship and designed to provide the highest puncture resistance and durability. Our unique “Pro Cell” manufacturing process enables us to offer the longest warranty on the market - a full 10 years. Fuel Safe’s on going commitment to quality and service is number one. Our on going research and development is constantly
discovering new and improved ways to make our products stronger, lighter and safer. At Fuel Safe we are continually striving to compliment our product line with high performance testing...

Traveling at speeds exceeding 750 MPH, the Thrust SSC Rocket Car broke the land speed record with Fuel Safe custom bladders.


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1965-1973 Mustangs

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Fuel Lines
1965-1973 Mustang
C5OZ-9350-A.gif (18599 bytes)
Fuel Pumps

1965-1973 Mustang
C5ZZ-9002-D2A.gif (62114 bytes)
Fuel Tanks

1965-1973 Mustang

Side Fuel Fill Kit
1965-1973 Mustang

Fuel Cells
1965-1973 Mustang

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Filler Tube

1965-1973 Mustang

Kick Down Cable

1965-1973 Mustang
KIT-FUL-1.gif (33556 bytes)
Filler Hose

1965-1973 Mustang

Pedal Pivot Rods

1965-1973 Mustang
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Sending Units
1965-1973 Mustang
C5ZZ-9A702-2K.gif (22612 bytes)
Throttle Linkage
1965-1973 Mustang




















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