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Our latest addition to an already extensive oil cap line. This cap is an exact reproduction of the original. Features include three filters, the AUTOLITE logo and a beautiful chrome finish. The PCV elbow is included but not installed for those wanting to re-use their original metal elbow.


PVC Hoses
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase

1965-1966 Mustang Oil Cap to Air Cleaner Hose - Cut to Fit $11.99/ea

1965-1968 Mustang PVC  Hose to Carb Spacer Hose - Small Block $10.99/ea

1968-1970 Mustang PVC  Hose to Carb Spacer Hose - Big Block $26.99/ea

1969-1970 Mustang PVC  Hose to Carb Spacer Hose - 351W $19.99/ea

1970-1973 Mustang PVC  Hose to Carb Spacer Hose - 351 Cleveland $16.99/ea
Ford Oil Caps OEM Reproductions
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase
C8AZ-6892 Valve Cover Grommet This grommet is used on OEM stamped steel valve covers. features original part number on top surface. $3.99/ea
C3AZ-6766-E Chrome Oil Cap Motorcraft Twist On $13.99/ea
C5ZZ-6766-FR 1964-1966 Mustang Black Oil Cap no tube, for open emissions $12.99/ea
C5ZZ-6766-D 1965-70 Mustang FoMoCo Chrome Oil Cap Rectangle Logo closed emissions $19.99/ea
B6AZ-6766-B 1964-1966 Mustang FoMoCo Chrome Oil Cap Oval Logo for open emissions $18.99/ea
C5ME-6766-A 1967 Mustang 390 Chrome Twist On Oil Cap Closed emissions $34.99/ea
C8AZ-6766-B 1968-70 Mustang AutoLite Chrome Oil Cap Closed emissions $34.99/ea
C8AZ-6766-A 1968-70 Mustang AutoLite Black Oil Cap Closed emissions $29.99/ea
C8AZ-6767-A 1968-70 Mustang Oil Cap Elbow For cap C8AZ-6766-A $11.99/ea

1970-73 Mustang Oil Cap w/PVC Elbow - Chrome $34.99/ea

1970-73 Mustang Oil Cap w/PVC Elbow - Black $29.99/ea

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