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Concourse Correct Mustang By-Pass Hoses

These are the best concourse by-pass hoses on the market.  All made in the USA by Gates or Goodyear both suppliers to Ford Motor Co, also approved by the Mustang Club of America.  All feature special white ink markings that have been designed to adhere to the hose under normal conditions, imprint will not come off even when in contact with antifreeze.  All have imprints that are very crisp authentic.  Each imprint is concourse correct for the specification year.  Represented by an oval FoMoCo, rectangle FoMoCo, Autolite logo or Motorcraft.  All hoses are also approved by Ford Motor Co.  Note:  Our part numbers are for reference only and do not reflect part numbers imprints on hoses...

Click on part numbers for pictures. 

Part # Description Price



C2DZ-8597-A 1964-66 Mustang By-Pass Hose (FoMoCo) $5.99/ea
C7OZ-8597-A 1967-71 Mustang By-Pass Hose (Autolite single diameter) $5.99/ea
C9OE-8597-D 1969-71 Mustang By-Pass Hose (Motorcraft double diameter) $7.99/ea
D2OE-8597-D 1972-73 Mustang By-Pass Hose (Motorcraft double diameter) $6.99/ea

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