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Convert your 1964-1966 Mustang to a Dual Bowl Master Cylinder

Have you considered changing your early 1964-1966 Mustang "suicide" Manual Single Bowl Master over to a Dual Bowl?

Many shops charge a pretty penny for this swap that ends up being extremely easy for the average guy...

We have outlined the details for this conversion below...  All you need is a Dual Bowl Master Cylinder, one of our Power Disc Brake Conversions due to the size of the stock brake booster... You must have at least 15 lbs at idle to run the power setup. If you don't, you will have to get a Wilwood master cylinder with Mustang Pushrod WIL-260-MCMS or WIL-261-MCK

Do not use Teflon Tape on your connections and be careful not to cross thread these fittings

  • Remove line going into front of old M/C and remove old master.
  • Carefully remove push rod (you can easily loose the snap ring) and install in new M/C
  • Install in the new M/C and mount on firewall (bolts right up).
  • Bend the line that was in the front of the old master and run it into the back (closest to firewall) of new M/C (large reservoir on Disc Brakes) = Front Brakes
  • Locate the line coming from the rear brakes where it enters the distribution block...
  • Remove this line and get a 3/16" double flare fitting and plug that spot on the dist. block...
  • Bend the rear line to run into the front of the new M/C (small res.) = Rear Brakes
  • This will require a 3/8" to 3/16" fitting for the rear brake line to enter the new master....
  • Fill with brake fluid and bleed...

If you car has rear disc brakes or you just want to be able to have better control of the rear brake boase, you will want to run a Proportioning Valve.  If so, just run this in-line with the rear brake line close to the master cylinder.  You will need to make a short brake line to run from the open side of the valve to the M/C.

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