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Big Bite cross drilled rotors
Big Bite cross drilled rotors
We’ve Unleashed a Beast - SSBC Big Bite Cross Drilled Rotors!

At Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC), we wouldn’t offer cross drilled rotors until we could design and produce a product worthy of the SSBC name. We took the time to research, design and manufacture the highest quality performance cross drilled rotors. And now we’re unleashing it onto the marketplace. SSBC Big Bite Cross Drilled Rotors.

BIG Design
  • CNC precision drilled & mill slotted
  • Dissipates water for better performance and safety in rain
  • Precision drilled holes vent super heated gases, eliminating brake fade
  • Precision Turbo slotting maintains a clean pad surface, maximum grip and quiet stopping power
  • Rotors are vented, meaning internal vanes inside the rotor help cool it by forcing air through the rotor, which helps prevent warping
Slots provide much needed airflow to both cool and clean the rotor.
BIG Quality
  • Quality controlled to ensure each rotor meets and exceeds OE standards
  • Superior metal alloy composition for maximum durability
  • Reduced heat related stress eliminates warping, extending rotor and pad life
  • Can last up to 20,000 miles beyond typical OE disc brake rotors
Every rotor is rust protected through a Bright Zinc Electroplating treatment. Zinc coated rotors will prevent rust.
BIG Performance
  • Cooler operating temperatures ensure maximum friction between pad and rotor for maximum stopping power and durability
  • Improved braking in wet weather driving
  • Quieter operation
  • Limited lifetime warranty
While most other cross drilled rotors show micro-fractures from the drilling, we've identified a superior metal alloy, which reduces fracturing when drilled.

Precision cross drill design pattern for holes results in a reduction of up to 200° F compared to original OE rotors.
As the company who is a multiple winner of Best New Product and GM SEMA Design Awards at the annual SEMA Show, we provide quality and performance you can trust.

From the time SSBC first pioneered the stainless steel sleeved caliper for classic Corvettes and Mustangs back in 1975, we have built our reputation as the industry standard for high quality brake systems and components, offering a complete line of disc brake conversions and performance brake upgrades. Now we're happy to add our Big Bite cross drilled rotors to our award winning product line.


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