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1965-1973 Mustang Dash Speakers
Part  Description Price Qty Purchase

1964-1966 Mustang Dash Speaker and Defroster Vent Panel $69.99/ea

1965-1966 Mustang 120 Watt 4x10 3-Way Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker $48.99/ea

1965-1966 Mustang 160 Watt 4x10  3-Way Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker $79.99/ea

1967-1973 Mustang 100 Watt 5x7 3-Way Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker 1967-1968 Mustang wo AC $54.99/ea

1967-1973 Mustang 100 Watt 5x7 3-Way Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker 1967-1968 Mustang with AC $62.99/ea

1967-1968 Mustang 5x7 Factory Replacement Dash Speaker Exact Repro w/Improved Sound Quality $17.99/ea

1967-1968 Mustang 5x7 Dual Cone Dash Speaker Exact Repro w/Improved Sound Quality $21.99/ea
1965-1973 Mustang Door Speakers
Part  Description Price Qty Purchase

1965-1966 Mustang Door Speaker 4x6 co-axial 25 Watts 6oz mag. $29.99/ea

1967-1968 Mustang Door Speaker 4x8 co-axial 120 Watts Ultra Thin Dual Voice Coil $129.99/pr

1969-1973 Mustang Door Speaker 4x6 co-axial 30 Watts 8oz mag. includes Ford pigtail, mounted on injection molded plastic... $54.99/pr

1965-1966 Mustang Door Speaker Grill Concourse copy, mounting hardware included... $54.99/pr

1967-1968 Mustang Door Grill Set $139.99/set

1967-1968 Mustang Door Grill Mounting Kit $13.99/kit

1969-1970 Mustang Door Speaker Grill Exact copy... $49.99/pr

1971-1973 Mustang Door Speaker Grill $26.99/ea
1965-1973 Mustang Rear Speakers
Part  Description Price Qty Purchase

1964-1971 Mustang Rear 6x9 Speakers and Grills Kit $140.99/ea

1964-1970 Mustang Rear Speaker Grill AUD-651-018 $48.99/ea

UNDERCOVER1 Speaker Enclosure
This configuration is specially designed for 'underseat' or horizontal 'wall' installations.  'Could be used on large 'parcel shelves' - wherever!  Compact ABS unit with one 5.5" woofer, two Piezo tweeters, all in an enclosure that's only 2 7/8" high x 8" x 11"!  Underseat OK for most pre '78 cars and trucks - 120 watt capability!  If you've got the space, we have the solution!  Sounds very good! 

UNDERCOVER 2 Upgrade Speaker Enclosures
Want a little more from your hidden speaker system? This is it! The UNDERCOVERII with an 8" woofer and 2 Piezo tweeters in each box. This system can be mounted in many of the same locations as the regular UNDERCOVER. With the 8" woofer in UNDERCOVERII you get a much fuller deeper sound. These are a great addition to our Concours series radios with their 200 watt capacity. Sold as (pair). Measure 11"W x 12.5"D x 3"H

1964-1973 Mustang 6x9" Speakers - Stock Replacement (Sold in pairs) $76.99/pr
SPUV-693C 1964-1973 Mustang CAS 6x9" Dual Cone 120 Watt Speakers (Sold in pairs) $97.99/pr
KNWSPUV69 1964-1973 Mustang Kenwood 6x9" Dual Cone 140 Watt Speakers (Sold in pairs) $87.99/pr
PIOUPSP69 1964-1973 Mustang Pioneer 6x9" 3 Way 150 Watt Speakers (Sold in pairs) THE BEST! $139.99/pr

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Mustang Depot recommends the use of professional installation when available.  Even though most components sold here have detailed instructions for installation, there are specific guidelines one should follow which are inferred.  All audio components are new and the manufacturers have high quality control standards so defects are minimal if ever.  Therefore, if you happen to damage a unit due to improper installation, your manufacturers warranty is void.  If there is some other unforeseen problem, your refund is limited to the purchase price of the unit.  Shipping charges are the complete responsibility of the customer...


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