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Mustang® Side Stripe Kits. Lower portion of the side of the car. Any other side stripes viewed in pictures are sold separately.

Please call for custom color options.
Click here for color chart! Adobe Acrobat File 1.7mb

2005-2009 Mustang®® Side and Rocker Decals
Part numbers GE-K190, GE-K191 & GE-K125 Stripes below in the 2005-2009 section also fit the 2010 model cars
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase
APP4OZ Splash Application Wetting Solution Spray Bottle 4oz $5.99/ea
APPSPLASH Splash Application Wetting Solution Concentrate - Makes 1 Gallon $17.50/ea
2005-2009 Mustang® Rocker Decals
2005-2009 Mustang® Rocker GT Stripe Kits. 
Stripe installs on both sides of car. Logo installs on fender as shown. Stripe height 3.375" tall. Price listed is for the standard colors black or white. Selecting other colors will increase the price as listed in the drop down menu. Lower side stripes (below door) only.
Part # Description Price Qty Purchase


2005-2009 'GT300' Rocker Stripe Kit $69.99/set


2005-2009 'Mustang®' Rocker Stripe Kit $79.99/set


2005-2009 Solid Rocker Stripe Kit $69.99/set


2005-2009 Mustang® GT Fader Rocker  Stripe Kit $59.99/set


2005-2009 Mustang® Fader Rocker Stripe Kit $59.99/set


2005-2009 'Ford' Rocker Stripe Kit $69.99/set


2005-2009 'Mustang® GT' Flag Rocker GT Stripe Kit $69.99/set


2005-2009 'Mustang®' Flag Rocker Stripe Kit $69.99/set


2005-2010 'Mustang® GT' Fader Rocker Stripe Kit $44.99/set


2005-2010 'Mustang®' Fader Rocker Stripe Kit $44.99/set


2005-2009 'Mustang®' Style #1 Rocker Stripe Kit $59.99/set


2005-2009 'Mustang®' Style #2 Rocker Stripe Kit $59.99/set


2005-2009 'Racing' Rocker Stripe Kit $69.99/set


2005-2010 'Running Horse' Rocker Stripe Kit $59.99/set

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Making Application wetting solution.

  •  You will need to make a wetting solution by adding 1 tablespoonful of "DAWN ORIGINAL" dish soap in one gallon
     of water.  No substitutions and no guessing. 
  • Put wetting solution in a very clean spray bottle.
  •  Note: when using any wetting solution allow extra adhesion time for the decal to bond to car. 
     This is normal, and up to 1 hour will be needed.
  •  Our opinion is: the commercial brand ActionTac application solution works best. 
     We use it in our shop all the time.


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