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1967-1968 Mustang E Kit - aka Eleanor Body Kit
Mustang Depot is the #1 Retailer of E Body Kits Worldwide Since 2001!!!
- DISCLAIMER - The word "Eleanor" has two registered trademarks, one owned by Carroll Shelby in the automotive classification, and the other by Denice Halicki in video games and toys. "Gone in 60 Seconds" is a registered trademark of Denice Halicki. GT-500 and GT-500E are registered trademarks of Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc, acting on behalf of Carroll Hall Shelby Trust. Mustang Depot has no affiliation with either Carroll Shelby, Denice Halicki or Ford Motor Company. The terms "Eleanor" and "Mustang" when used, are used for descriptive purposes only and are not meant to imply any affiliation with their mark holders. Mustang Depot was one of the original distributors of the Eleanor Body Kit offered by Cinema Vehicle Services. We have since continued without interruption with the sales of these kits, and the use of the word "Eleanor" prior to both Carroll Shelby and Denice Halicki registering their marks. Mustang Depot is not involved in the manufacturing of these body kits, or the manufacturing of replica cars. The styling of the Eleanor Mustang from the motion picture Gone in 60 Seconds is based on a 1967 Shelby Mustang with some slight modifications. So the styling is considered public domain and is not patented. The body kit offered on this page is sold as an E Body Kit, not an Eleanor Body Kit out of respect for the mark holders...

Continental USA Only

Mustang Depot has sold more "E" Body Kits than any other retailer in the world! We offer more components, and a better insight to complete your Eleanor conversion than anyone! We can provide installation assistance if needed. Click here for a link to different color representations This "E" body kit does not have any affiliation with Shelby American or Denice Halicki (the makers of the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds"). This kit is sold as an "E" kit, not an Eleanor Kit... You can use these kits to make your car look like the movie car or customize the paint and body and end up with your own creation.

Download Instructions: Please right click on the .pdf link below, save to your My Documents folder, and open from there.

Installation Instructions


Adobe Acrobat Reader Format Click here for a free download

You can make your car look like the movie car or
simply create your own Resto-Rod!

click logo for pictures

Yes they're available for 1964-1966 Mustang cars too!

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The "E" Kit includes the following parts:
lower front valance, upper nose section, your choice of hood, front fender flares (mold-in), rear fender flares (mold-in), side exhaust skirts, upper side scoops (fastbacks only), lower side scoops, tail lamp panel and spoiler trunk w/end caps. New rear valance option is now available to complete the look of the rear with molded in backup light mounts.

  • These body components are being sold either as complete kits, or purchase the parts individually...

  • This Kit will fit 1967-1968 Fastbacks, Coupes or Convertibles

Side Fuel Fill Kit
Great for E & E2 Kits

Speed Grip
Panel Bonding Adhesive

PAINTucation Instructional DVD's
by TV Host Kevin Tetz

Complete Light Kits
Starting at $344


Optional External Parts

Optional Interior Parts

Optional Suspension Upgrades
TCP Suspension parts were used on the original movie car!

When purchasing the parts individually or as a kit it's important to note the following details:

  • Parts come gel coated black, ready for sanding, fitting and painting.

  • If you purchase the upper nose section, it will not work with your stock hood. You need a long nose, 67 Shelby style or Eleanor Style hood.

  • The headlight buckets will need to be purchased if using the upper nose

  • If you want the lower nose, it is not designed to use with your stock headlight buckets etc. It is 3" longer and will not look right if installed without the upper nose.

  • Bolt on fiberglass parts should be fastened using Locktite and just make snug. Do not over tighten!

  • The new Rear Valance Upgrade with molded light holes can be used in place of the stock rear valance.

  • Prices do not include shipping charges.  Please allow sufficient time for truck freight delivery.

  • All E Kits are Special Order and need to be prepaid in full. Terms & Conditions

  • There is a $50 packaging fee automatically added to all body kit orders.

  • The different hood options will increase the price below by the amount listed by the style.

  • Click here for Paint Codes 

  • Click here for Lemans Stripe Template
  • Speed Grip Panel Bonding Adhesive Now Available
Low Rise E Hood High Rise S Hood S Hood w/Louvers

E Body Kit Optional Accessories

Part # Description


Qty Purchase

1965-1968 Mustang Eleanor TIP ONLY Set 2.5" Inlet Ceramic Coated Silver



1965-1968 Mustang Coupe/Fastback E Side Exhaust Kit 2.5" Tubing w/Silver Ceramic Coated Tip

Does not interfere with most Subframe Connectors -Fiberglass Side Skirt Sold Separately
Click here for matching "Xpipe" This is the only kit designed specifically for the E or E2 body kit conversions. Does not require modification to the exhaust tips as the others but does require torque box and rocker modification. This system is specifically designed to clear most subframe connectors. This is designed to go directly through the rear torque boxes. It's recommended to cut go with a 3" hole, use 3" tubing to re-structure the torque box. Instructions are included! Installation Instructions



1967-1968 Mustang Fastback Side Filler Kit with optional gas cap

Great for E and E2 Fastbacks wanting the side filler gas cap/inlet (slight shortening may be required for 1964-1966 Mustang model cars depending on cap placement) Installation Instructions



1967-1968 Mustang E Front Grill Set

Upper and Lower Billet Grill for the Eleanor Noses Only This item is sold separately, or one of our inclusive kits below.



1967-1968 Mustang E Front Lower Brace Kit 

This item helps to support the lower nose and the lower center fog lights. As of 07/01/14 Now Powdercoated Black



1967-1968 Mustang "E" Front Light Kit w/5.75" Headlights

Includes: 1 set of
5.75" Tri-Bar Headlights clear bulbs, 1 set VPS-PL2088B projector beams for next to headlights, 1 set 950-3000-C small lights in lower apron, 1 set EE-1601-10 5.5" Lower Center Driving Lights. Note: For cars with the rear valance option, add one more set of 950-3000-C's below. NO SUBSTITUTIONS


1967-1968 Mustang E 7" Metal Headlight Bracket Set

For use with 7" Headlights. Alternative to 5.75" lights. Use stock 1967-1968 Mustang headlight buckets and adjusting hardware or order new ones here


1967-1968 Mustang E  5.75" Metal Headlight Light Bucket Set w/Brackets and Chrome Headlight Rings


1967-1968 Mustang E 5.75" Chrome Headlight Rings



1967 Repro Shelby Style Tail Lamp Kit w/o Tail Lamp Housings

E Kits where tail light housings are molded into the tail panel... Instructions Pair of 67 E Lenses, Pair of 67 E Tail Lamp Frames , Pair of 67 E Lens Gaskets, Set of Six New Bulb Sockets/Wiring Pigtails Repro, Mounting studs are included



1967 Repro Shelby Style Sequential LED Tail Lamp Kit w/o Tail Lamp Housings

E Kits where tail light housings are molded into the tail panel... Instructions Pair of 67 E Lenses, Pair of 67 E Tail Lamp Frames , Pair of 67 E Lens Gaskets, Set of Sequential LED Boards/Wiring, Mounting studs are included


American Racing 427 Series Polished Rim/Painted Center 17x8 5 x 4.5 w/4.5" bs



1967-1968 Mustang Fiberglass - Rear Bumper Outer most measurement 65 3/4" Fits like the stock chrome bumpers.


1967-1968 Mustang E Rear Valance


E Body Kit / Eleanor Body Kits

Part #



Qty Purchase


1967-1968 Mustang E Fastback Body Kit with Mold In Flares Recommended for offroad use only
Low Rise E Hood High Rise S Hood S Hood w/Louvers




1967-1968 Mustang E Coupe/Convertible Body Kit  - Coupe/Convertible (no upper scoops and correct coupe/conv trunk) Recommended for offroad use only
Low Rise E Hood High Rise S Hood S Hood w/Louvers



E Body Kit Components (purchase each item separately)

Part # Description


Qty Purchase


1967-1968 Mustang E Upper Nose Section Requires long nose hood! Headlight buckets sold separately above!



1967-1968 Mustang E Stage 2 Lower Nose Section Requires Fender Flares Recommended for offroad use only



1967-1968 Mustang Low Rise E Hood 2.5" Rise -for use with "long" E or Shelby noses only



1967-1968 Mustang High Rise E Hood 4.5" Rise -for use with "long" E or Shelby noses only



1967-1968 Mustang E Upper Scoop Set



1967-1968 Mustang E Lower Scoop Set



1967-1968 Mustang E Side Exhaust Skirt Set


1967-1968 Mustang E Front Fender Flare Set Mold-In Style
for use with Part #FS-ELN-LN2 above only. Can easily be trimmed to obtain the attached look.



1967-1968 Mustang E Rear Fender Flare Set Mold-In Style
Can easily be trimmed to obtain the attached look.


1967-1968 Mustang Fastback RTM Fiberglass Spoiler Trunk Only - End Caps Sold Separately Installation Instructions
Manufactured using RTM (resin transfer mold) which provides a much better fit and finish than typical fiberglass parts


1967-1968 Mustang Fastback Fiberglass Spoiler Trunk w/ End Caps 56x22x7 Smooth Bottom  Installation Instructions


1967-1968 Mustang Coupe/Convertible Fiberglass Spoiler Trunk w/End Caps 56x28x7 Smooth Bottom  Installation Instructions


1967-1968 Mustang E Tail Light Panel (Molded in light buckets - Does not have hole for Gas Cap)


Fiberglass body parts do not fit the same as stamped steel parts. While they can be finished to show quality, fiberglass body parts are built closer to race car standards than show car standards. Although fiberglass parts are easy to work with, they can require substantial work to conform to the varying early unibody Mustangs. This means every car is slightly different. We have come to this conclusion after many years of installing and selling fiberglass body parts from many different manufacturers. Within 60 days of receipt, you must check fit before sanding or painting your new fiberglass pieces. If fiberglass parts have been sanded or painted they can no longer be sold as new for either race or show purposes. For this reason, the manufacturer will not warranty such parts and cannot be accepted for a return. Our policy for returning fiberglass parts is subject to a 15% restocking fee. In the event you feel the product is defective, our policy requires that you send the product back to us fully insured, heavily packaged to avoid damages and freight prepaid. A full investigation by Mustang Depot and the manufacturer will ensue. This includes fitting the item on the respective car, matching the part to the mold, and matching it with other items produced from the same mold. If it is determined that the product is not defective and is in reasonable constraints for finishing, the product will be returned at the customers expense. If it is deemed that the product is defective, a replacement will be sent at no cost and the return freight charges incurred by the customer will be refunded in the form of an in-store credit. All product that leaves Mustang Depot is inspected and confirmed to be in good condition, heavily packaged, and is insured for the value of the product. Noted on the package are clear neon stickers warning you to inspect the product in the presence of the carrier/driver. In the event damages occur, have the driver notate the damage on the documentation before signing. If the package was left at your door, you must notify the carrier immediately and file a damage claim. Do not return the product to Mustang Depot it is our policy to refuse items without a Return Authorization number. Retain all the packaging so the carrier can inspect the product. In most cases, small repairs can be made at a reasonable cost. Get an estimate, and submit the claim. Full loss claims are scrutinized much heavier. Please note: For fiberglass hoods, removal of stock hood springs and use of a prop rod and hood pins are highly recommended. For trunks, removal of springs or tension rods is highly suggested. Fiberglass has about a 6-8 week cure time when it comes out of the molds. So it's important to remove the parts from it's packaging upon receipt. Do not place anything on top of the part during storage. The part will attempt to take the shape of whatever it's stored on top of as well. Especially in warmer climates. The best place to store the part is on the car in it's intended position. This kit is intended for off-road use only. The word Mustang and the word Shelby are used on our site for descriptive purposes only and are not meant to imply any affiliation with either Ford Motor Company or Shelby American.  Click here for our  Return Policy

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68x27x17 @ 65lbs
60x50x7 @ 38lbs
56x21x7 @ 26lbs
78x9x6 @20lbs


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