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EFI Intake Manifolds
Part Description Price Qty Purchase

Edelbrock Performer 5.0 EFI Manifold (IDLE-5500 RPM) $699.99/ea

Edelbrock Victor 5.0 EFI (4000-7500 RPM) $712.99/ea

Performer Series 
Part Description Price Qty Purchase
ED-2121* Edelbrock Performer 289 Non EGR $199.99/ea
ED-21211 Edelbrock Perf. 289 Non EGR Polished $409.99/ea
ED-3723 Edelbrock Performer 302 2-V EGR  $339.99/ea
ED-3721 Edelbrock Performer 302 4-V EGR  $259.99/ea
ED-2181* Edelbrock Performer 351-W 2-V Non EGR  $259.99/ea
ED-3781 Edelbrock Performer 351-W 2-V EGR  $329.99/ea
ED-3783 Edelbrock Performer 351-W 4-V EGR  $309.99/ea
ED-2171* Edelbrock Performer 400 Non EGR $289.99/ea
ED-3771 Edelbrock Performer 400 EGR  $339.99/ea
ED-2665* Edelbrock Performer 351-C 4V Non EGR $279.99/ea
ED-2750* Edelbrock Performer 351-C 2V Non EGR $279.99/ea
ED-2105* Edelbrock Performer 390 Non EGR $349.99/ea
ED-2166* Edelbrock Performer 460 Non EGR $279.99/ea
ED-3766 Edelbrock Performer 460 EGR $329.99/ea

Performer RPM Series
Part Description Price Qty Purchase
ED-7121* Edelbrock Performer RPM 302 Non EGR  $239.99/ea
ED-71211 Edelbrock Perf RPM 302 Non EGR Fully Polished $459.99/ea
ED-7181* Edelbrock Performer RPM 351-W Non EGR  $259.99/ea
ED-7105* Edelbrock Performer RPM FE Non EGR  $399.99/ea
ED-7166* Edelbrock Performer RPM 460 Non EGR  $299.99/ea

Air Gap RPM Series
Part Description Price Qty Purchase
ED-7521* Edelbrock Air Gap RPM 302 Non EGR $309.99/ea
ED-7581* Edelbrock Air Gap RPM 351-W Non EGR  $309.99/ea

Torker II Series
- Special Order
Part Description Price Qty Purchase
ED-5021* Edelbrock Torker II 302 Non EGR  $259.99/ea
ED-5081* Edelbrock Torker II 351-W Non EGR  $279.99/ea
ED-2760* Edelbrock Torker II 351-C Non EGR $329.99/ea
ED-5066* Edelbrock Torker II 460 Non EGR $319.99/ea

F-28 Dual Quad Series
- Special Order
Part Description Price Qty Purchase
ED-5435* Edelbrock F28 Dual-Quad 289, 302 Ford $349.99/ea
ED-54351* Edelbrock F28 Dual-Quad 289, 302 Ford - Polished $589.99/ea

Victor Series
- Special Order
Part Description Price Qty Purchase
ED-2921* Edelbrock Victor Jr. 302 $314.99/ea
ED-29211* Edelbrock Victor Jr. 302 Fully Polished $549.99/ea
ED-2980* Edelbrock Victor Jr 351-W (9.2" Deck)  $359.99/ea
ED-2981* Edelbrock Victor Jr 351-W (9.5" Deck)  $369.99/ea
ED-2928* Edelbrock Super Victor 302 (8.2" Deck)  $389.99/ea
ED-2924* Edelbrock Super Victor 351-W (9.5" Deck)  $359.99/ea
ED-2965* Edelbrock Victor 429/460 Ford V8 (for 4500 Series Carb) $379.99/ea
ED-2966* Edelbrock Victor 429/460 V8 (for 850 cfm Carb) $359.99/ea

*Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.

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