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1964-66 Mustang Custom Fit Electric Fan
(Replaces Stock Fan for use with 1964-66 cars with 3 core radiators)

This kit increases cooling capabilities especially at idle and low RPM. Tired of overheating in traffic? You will have to drill holes. These kits do not include brackets. Also improves horsepower and economy. Instructions included. Air Flow is 2010 CFM. Fits V8 only.

The ultimate cooling package designed to fit 64-66 Mustangs.  Works with a three row and aluminum 2 row radiators, molded shroud with high volume electric cooling fan, adjustable thermostat and wiring harness. Please note: These are designed to mount to the outer lip of the radiator as shown above. So the removal of the radiator to install is not required. If your radiator does not have the outer lip to attach it, and your vehicle does not have fan shroud brackets, you will need to purchase a set of fan shroud brackets relational to your type of radiator ex. 3 row, 4 row etc. If you have a two row aluminum type of radiator with 1" cores, the 3 row brackets would be the ones to use. If you have a two row aluminum radiator with 1 1/4 cores, the 4 row bracket would be used. Click here for ordering shroud brackets. If you are currently running AC, we suggest upgrading your charging system! One year manufacturer's warranty.

1967-69 Mustang Custom Fit Electric Fan
(Replaces Stock Fan for use with 1967-69 cars with 20" radiators)

New from Scott Drake, this high performance 2070 CFM 1967-69 Mustang 20” Electric Fan and Shroud Kit helps prevent overheating in stop-and-go traffic, improve engine performance, and gas mileage. Not only does it look great and deliver maximum airflow, it comes fully assembled with the relays, the temperature sending unit, and the wire harness configured for a hassle free installation. Each fan is individually tested and balanced. The Electric Fan Kit is also designed specifically for High Performance 340 series Radiators (340-2AL, 340-3, 340-3HF, 340-4).

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1964-1973 Mustang
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1964-1973 Mustang

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