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Lysholm Twin Screw Superchargers


Download Installation Manual (PDF): 4LFR020-010 v1.0. Designed for use with the 5.4L 4V engine in the ‘07-‘09 Mustang® GT500®. Features the Lysholm 3300 twin-screw supercharger with 4.0” driven pulley and new 10-rib drive belt. Compatible with “tall” fuel injectors and aftermarket fuel rails.

Produces approximately 14-15 psig peak boost when paired with the following combination:

  • OEM engine, including throttle body, crank pulley and rev-limit
  • Aftermarket 110mm I.D. MAF housing and matching open element filter (customer supplied)
  • Supplied 4.0” driven pulley

Included Components

  • Billet adapter plate allows for simple bolt-on to OEM lower manifold
    • 1/2” thick CNC machined aluminum
    • Black anodized finish
    • O-ring seal for bypass
  • Integrated bypass valve assembly
    • OEM Ford twin-port actuator
    • Bypass shaft
    • Actuator arm
    • 44.5mm bypass valve (competing “3.4L / W210AX” models use 38mm valve)
  • Cast aluminum supercharger air inlet manifold mates to OEM throttle body
    • High-flow, minimal pressure drop design
    • Integrated o-ring seal at throttle mating surface
    • Includes all necessary fittings to adapt to OEM hoses
  • Custom PCV adapter fitting and replacement stainless steel tube, mate with OEM port on valve cover


  • Adapter plate, inlet duct and all bypass components are pre-installed onto the supercharger at Vortech
  • Fuel pump voltage booster is suggested for applications exceeding 14 psig boost
  • Supercharger kit installation time is rated at 4-6 hours
  • Accessory pulleys available separately: 2L031-375-01 (3.75”), 2L031-350-01 (3.50”)
  • Replacement belt: 2A041-880 (Dayco 5100880). Compatible with all three pulley sizes.
  • Installer must provide custom ECU calibration and some fuel supply components
  • Not smog legal in California (off-road use only).

Featuring the Lysholm 3300 twin-screw supercharger. Boost levels over 22 PSI and over 900 HP are possible depending on your modifications. Accessories are available, including carbon fiber composite inlet duct assembly, single blade throttle body and power packs with with SCT tuner and pulley tools.

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2007-2009 Shelby® GT500® 5.4 Liter V8 Lysholm 3300 Twin Screw Supercharger - Black

Tuner Kit - Inlet and Throttle Body Highly Recommended



2007-2009 Shelby® GT500® 5.4 Vortech Air Inlet Upgrade Kit for Lysholm 3300 Twin Screw Supercharger

Included Components:
  • 123mm MAF housing (Vortech 8A003-111)
  • High flow air filter (6” diameter flange mount x 9” long)
  • 5” silicone sleeves (matte black exterior) with appropriate stainless hose clamps
  • Anodized aluminum MAF mount / heat shield
  • High-quality, 100% carbon fiber composite inlet duct (Vortech 4LFR112-020)
    • Seamless pre-preg bladder molded layup
    • 2 x 2 twill weave
    • Integrated breather and bypass fittings designed to mate-up with OEM hoses
    • 5” diameter inlet attachment to 123mm MAF outlet


2007-2009 GT500® Auxilliary Idler Upgrade Assembly


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